Better a consistently applied mediocre strategy, than a series of ad hoc brilliant strategies

Better a consistently applied mediocre strategy, than a series of ad hoc brilliant strategies

Strategic Management Assignments

Strategic Management Case Studies

Case Study Analysis
Word length: 3,000 words
View the Video: ‘The Duck and the Lemonade Stand’ at

Answer the following Assignment Question:
“ Better a consistently applied mediocre strategy, than a series of ad hoc brilliant strategies.”
• Do you agree with this statement?
• Discuss having regard to ‘The Duck and the Lemonade Stand’ as a basis for your argument.
• Theoretical concepts must also be included as part of your answer.
• Duck Reference:

Some suggestions on how to answer this question (this list is not exhaustive).
• Your answer must be based in the theory and concepts taught in this course.
• As a minimum research requirement, the subject text book and required readings must be referenced as part of your research effort to answer this question.

Recommended Assignment Structure
You might consider, but are not obliged to carry out, the following for your assignment papers:
1. Title Page
With the assignment paper title, provide your name, student number, and group name.
2. Executive Summary (Optional for the Individual Assignment)
A short description of the topic and details regarding the discussion.
3. Contents and list of figures
This would list all the appropriate headings, sub-headings, and figures contained in the report. These should include the page numbers for quick reference.
4. Introduction
The introduction provides the main ideas to be discussed in the paper. It provides no examples. Write the introduction last, then you know what you are introducing.
5. Body of the Assignment
This develops and details the points made in the introduction, in the order they have been presented in the introduction. Evidence, causes, and limitations to points should all be explored. All work should be clearly referenced.
6. Conclusion
Your conclusion should not cover or make any new points. Instead, it should summarise the main points of the report.
7. Bibliography/ References
The reference section at the conclusion of the report includes all references cited in the text and only those references. The paper must follow the La Trobe University publication standards as outlined in the Subject Learning Guide. Referencing should include all the books, articles, government brochures, letters, web references etc., that you refer to in your report. You will be expected to refer to the mandatory text and the necessary readings as shown in the Subject Learning Guide.
7. Tips
Your assignment and presentation are the only objective mechanisms for demonstrating both your familiarity and understanding of the topic content. It is therefore critical that you ensure your assignment work serves its intended purpose. Assignments must balance thoroughness with being concise (you will lose marks for waffling). All assignments and presentations must be presented in a professional format, as covered in the course outline. Your assignments and presentations must incorporate theoretical concepts and explanatory frameworks from the course teaching and readings or you will risk failing the course. The assignments demonstrate your knowledge and understanding, not your ability to substantially quote the work of others.

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