Best Buy Case Study

Best Buy Case Study

Best Buy Case Study

1. Identify problem(s): The Problem(s) can be succinctly stated in a 2-3 sentence (short) paragraph for each.

2. Conduct strategic analyses: Identify the Strategic Issues. Each issue can be summarized in 1-2 sentences, and then follow it with a short analysis of what you think needs to be done to address each issue. I want you to determine what would solve/address the issue. Examples might be related to more training of staff, more investment in equipment, greater use of specific types of technology, etc.

3. Propose alternative solutions: Then, once you have done that, evaluate each as to its effectiveness and/or appropriateness.

4. Make recommendations: The actions that you propose should address the very next steps that the organization needs to take.
DO consult the web and library for at least 2 current references on strategy for the company – cite your use of your references.

5. Put it all in proper APA, no abstract is required. Double space, Times Roman 12 pt.

Case study papers should be 3-5 pages in length. 2 references minimum –

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