Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

Benjamin Franklin Autobiography

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The book Is Anthology of American Literature tenth edition George Mcmichael & James S Leonard)
Just pick one question and answer it and use quotations or quotes from Benjamin Franklin Autobiography please put page number from book. I think the first one looks like an easy question. Just answer 1 out of 2.
Create an outline, a road map, quotations, or however you wish to prepare yourself for answering one of the two prompts that we discussed today. The essay needs to be 3 pages.

Here are the two prompts (YOU ONLY NEED TO ANSWER ONE OF THEM):
Option 1. Discuss the advantages Franklin attains by adopting the pose or persona of a father advising his son.

Option 2. Comment on the Autobiography’s similarity to a gallery, an exhibit of contrasting character sketches which exhibits his own worldly successes.

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