Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo

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Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo
This is a play writer by Joseph Rajiv about a tiger that haunt Baghdad streets after the Iraq invasion as it searches for meaningful life. This is a funny play since

the tiger tells the audience that as a result of the recent fighting, other animals are fleeing from the zoo in search of safe haven since their habitats and lives are

in danger. Animals are looking for freedom only to be shot by the soldiers.  The lion fled the zoon and in two hours they had been shot dead by soldiers despite their

high value and credit (Rajiv, 7). As the play continues, the tiger come across some American and Iraq soldiers who are searching for redemption, friendship and a gold

toilet seat.
This play revolves round the Iraq invasion and how it has affected many lives through disruption their lives and killing them. The play depicts the chaos brought by

the American invasion in a funny way that evoked human emotion on how the suffering caused by the invasion. The fleeing of animals from the zoo to look for better

hiding place depicts how the lives of people were torn apart by the fighting. The play tells of the chaos that swept across Baghdad shortly after Iraq the invasion

(Isherwood, 1).
The main theme behind this play is the moral problems that the world and its people have suffered and continue to suffer all because of men. Wars have cause massive

degradation to the social live, political and economic sphere in the lives of many people. In relation to the war on terror and invasion to Iraq, the war destabilized

lives of the Iraq people who fled from their homes only to die in the hands of soldiers.
American soldiers guard the zoo and their presence makes the tiger more sacred. Driven by fear of the soldiers, and the fact that the tiger was hungry it bite Tom’

hand, one of the American soldiers guarding the zoo. This result into a bloody incident as Kev, the other American soldier shoots and fatally wounds the tiger (Rajiv,

12). The beast dies slowly and his death haunts the shooter. Kev is haunted by the ghost of the tiger he killed as the spirit of the tiger roams the Baghdad. Kev is

the only one who sees the tiger and this is because he is the person who took its life. He experiences mental crisis as the spirit of tiger he killed continue to

torment him and he is hospitalized. His friend Tom visits Kev became he is compassionate about broken-minded buddy who killed the tiger in the attempt to save him.
Tom desires to start a new life back in US but he realizes that the gun used to kill the tiger is in the palace of late Uday Hussein, its original owner. He plans to

retrieve that gun back since he plan to sell it together with the gold toilet seat to start new life. Musa a former gardener at the Uday palace takes the golden gun.
The metaphor of this play is the interaction between the Iraqis and American as people begin to see the ghost of the people is things they killed. The tiger’s ghost

says that it cannot find rest because it caused people a lot of misery. The guilt of killing the children weighs heavily on the tiger, but he argues that he did all

that because he is a tiger and killing is his nature (Komisar, 1).
The tiger reconsider about the cruelty it caused in life all in the name of looking for lunch.  “What if my very nature is in direct conflict with the moral code of

the universe?” Tiger’s meals were obtained from the weak animals that were easy to kill. This shows how the strong plays on the weak in the world, and even in the

human survival especially in politics. The thoughts of the tiger introduce the moral conscience of life about how stronger nations like America attacks and kill the

weak nation like Iraq because cruelty is one of their characters. The Iraq invasion was on the basis of the war on the weak as the strong nation sought to demonstrate

it power and might and in the process many lives were lost and propertied destroyed (Komisar, 1).
Uday Hussein and Cosey are some of the lives lost in the war and are predators that are haunting others. Uday is a ghost while Cosey is a head inside a bad. These are

among the many ghosts that are haunting people in Baghdad. These people have all died because of the war and Rajiv begins to wonder to what extent is the killer

instinct infected on people because terror is all around, and people continue to die in the invasion. For instance, Musa fights over the golden Uday pistol and a

person died from that confront a person die and Musa states that the death of that person was not part of the plan (Komisar, 1).
Before the war, Musa could not kill a person and take any life, but all this has changed with the war; the war has turned even the ordinary peaceful people into bloody

killers. This continues to increase the number of ghost and casualties of war as the strong kills the weak. These ghosts are terrified and wonder how they got there;

this depicts the lives of the many people who lost their live following the Iraq-American fighting since in most war, civilian casualties are higher (Feingold, 1).
In conclusion, this play revolves around the Iraq invasion and what the war has caused in the lives of civilians and soldiers.  From the play, there are many ghosts

and the soldiers are haunted by the people they have killed. Kev suffers from mental outburst after killing the tiger and this play shows how the weak suffer in the

hands of the strong people or nations and this causes social and political chaos among the American and Iraq soldiers and civilians.

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