behavioural science concept

This assignment aims to assess how you may apply a behavioural science concept to
improve public health program effectiveness. You are expected to select, access,
analyze, and report on a specified case study that documents the use of one social
and/or behavioral theory – Positive Deviance – to guide public health practice.
For this assignment you are expected to gather information using all of the materials
and references posted on the VLE and/or books as well as relevant e-Library
resources. The case study you are expected to address is authored by Awofeso, Irwin
& Forrest, and is titled; “Using positive deviance techniques to improve smoking
cessation outcomes in New South Wales prison settings”, Health Promotion Journal of
Australia, 2008; 19: 72-3. The case study should be critically reviewed by comparing
with standard techniques of Positive Deviance, context, and comparison of results
with alternative approaches of smoking cessation or with Positive Deviance approach
in other settings. There are two questions related to this assignment, each worth 10
marks: (1) description of the Positive Deviance Concept, its evolution/history, stages
uses in other contexts, and previous evaluations; (2) Is Positive Deviance an
appropriate approach for PD implementation in NSW prisons – if yes, why, if no why
not? Irrespective of your answer to this question, suggest an alternative health
promotion of behavioral theory approach you may utilize to facilitate smoking
cessation in a cohort of prisoners.

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