Beatles Song Analytical Paper

You are required to write an analytical essay of at least 5 pages in length of text (not counting any title or reference pages), focusing on the analysis of the words and music of 3 Beatle songs, ideally from different periods in the group’s stylistic development. You will consider the interaction of words and music, focusing on how a song’s message is conveyed by different musical techniques.
So, here they are. As you can see, there are plenty of songs from which to choose.

Early period of the Beatles:
“Do You Want To Know A Secret,”
“Can’t Buy Me Love,”
Transitional period (late 1964-65):
“You’re Going To Lose That Girl,”
A New Level of Mastery (late 1965-66):
“We Can Work It Out,”
“Yellow Submarine,”
“Got to Get You Into My Life”
Psychedelia and Post-Psychedelia:
“Rocky Raccoon,”
“Helter Skelter,”
“The Long And Winding Road,”
“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,”
“Octopus’s Garden,”

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