Barbra’s final wishes

Barbra's final wishes

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Unit 9 Assignment
You now have an understanding of the physiological, psychological, and life need adjustment issues faced by older adults, caregivers and their support systems. You have gained confidence in your knowledge of the varied and comprehensive care options available for older adults. For this Assignment, you will apply this understanding and knowledge to create a care plan.

Select one of the case study subjects you created in Unit 3 or Unit 6 to be your hypothetical client. Ensure you include an introduction of your clients demographics and history using your introduction from your Unit 3 or Unit 6 case study which including age, gender, race, culture, religion, city of residence, living arrangements, financial status, insurance coverage, employment history, social and familial support system, lifestyle factors, mental health history, personal interests, and any other demographic information that you believed should be addressed about your client including (but not limited to) sexual orientation, relationship status, family dynamics issues, or legal issues. When writing your introduction, create the same picture of your clients life as you did in your Unit 3 or Unit 6 case study to ensure their unique circumstances continue to be addressed as you write your care plan.

You work for a Hospice as a social worker on a home based team. Your client was recently diagnosed with end stage lung cancer and has a prognosis of 6 months or less of life. Using your hypothetical client, create a Hospice care plan that addresses how the Hospice team and involved caregivers will meet the clients unique physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic needs. Craft a client care plan that includes:

An introduction to your client, their demographics and life circumstances as outlined in your Unit 3 or Unit 6 case study.
Your evaluation of the physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, religious and financial needs of the client including the client and family goals that led them to seek Hospice care including what tools you used to complete your evaluation (such as a client interviews, screening tools, and Hospice social work intake forms.
Areas of identified client strengths and challenges as it relates to their currently available resources and coping mechanisms and how these factors may impact meeting the needs identified in your evaluation.
Your recommendations to address each area of identified need for the client and any involved family/caregivers inclusive of clinical tools, supportive interventions and resources to be considered by the client and involved family/caregivers.
A resource attainment plan including contact information for the resources to be provided and how they will be accessed by the client (please cite all included resources within your care plan and include the citations on your reference page).
An outline of the role of each member of the client support system, including family, friends, caregivers, and Hospice care team members in assisting with the facilitation of the care plan.
A conclusion paragraph exploring how the client and any involved family responded to the presentation of your care plan including a discussion of any impacts of culture or religion on recommendations.
Your Assignment should include a cover page, introductory paragraph, citations, concluding paragraph, and reference page. It also should be free of spelling and grammatical errors. The body of the work should be a minimum of 5-7 double-spaced pages (a total minimum of 7-9 pages including the cover page and reference page).

Your Assignment should be double-spaced, using a 12-pt. Times New Roman font. Your Assignment should be written adhering to the guidelines of Standard American English. This means that your thoughts should be well-organized and original. Also included in Standard American English is the use of correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Remember that writing is a process, so please seek help from the Kaplan Writing Center if writing is a challenge for you. You can also refer to the APA Quick Reference for help with formatting your Assignment.

You must include at least one resource for each area of need assessed and included in your care plan; include a citation on your reference page for each resource to be provided to your client. A minimum of one resource in your care plan must be taken from the Webliography Field Resource Guide.

You must use at least two professional sources in your care plan to support your recommendations and interventions for the client. Sources should be from a reliable professional source such as a journal, website, published research, or book. The text may be used as one professional source. These sources should also be included on your reference page.

It is important to always attribute credit to the proper sources when relying on the text, articles, websites, or other sources. You must credit your work when you:

Summarize concepts and theories that you learned in the text, articles, or from Internet sources.
Use others’ ideas, theories, and concepts in constructing discussion question responses or completing Assignments.
Use direct quotes in the context of your Assignment. (When quoting directly, you must use quotation marks.)
Your paper must be your original work; plagiarism will not be tolerated. Be sure to review the Syllabus in terms of what constitutes plagiarism.

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