Barack Obama ‘Official Announcement of Candidacy for US President’.

Topic: Barack Obama ‘Official Announcement of Candidacy for US President’.

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Speech Critique
Analyze the speech of Barack Obama ‘Official Announcement of Candidacy for US President’.
Write an essay with introduction, development and conclusion. Your assay should include all of the basic components listened below:
Identifying Information/Speech Context: Why did you select this particular speech? (explain briefly) Who is the speaker? What is the speech topic? Where and when is the speech delivered? How long does the speech last?
The Speech Objectives: What is the speaker’s goal? Is it to inform, to persuade, etc.? Is the objective achieved? Why? What is the primary message being delivered? Why is this person delivering this speech?
The Audience and Context for the Speech: What is the nature of the audience? What are the key demographic features of the audience? Is the speech suitable for this audience?
Speech Content, Structure, and Organization: What type of organization (chronological, climatic, spatial, categorical, or casual)? How the speech is organized (introduction, body, and conclusion)?
The Speech Introduction: Does the introduction contain the key elements: attention getter, credibility, thesis statement, and preview? Does the speech open with a story? A joke/Humor? Rhetorical questions? Is the thesis statement good or bad? Why? Does the speech opening clearly establish the intent of the presentation? Is the opening memorable?
The Speech Body: Is the body organized in main points and supporting points? Are the all arguments provided related back to the primary objective of the speech? Which types of evidence are used to support the arguments (facts, examples, testimonies, etc.)? Can you identify any type of figures of speech (simile, metaphors, alliteration, etc.)? Can you identify any use of quotes? Is the speech organized logically? Is the speech’s flow easy to follow? How does the speaker play with transitions? How does he/she bridge from one part of the presentation to the next?
The Speech Conclusion: How did the speaker conclude the speech (summarizing ideas, ending with quotation, etc.)? Was the conclusion concise? Memorable?
Delivery Skills and Techniques: What type of delivery (formal, informal, impromptu, manuscript, memorized)? Is the language appropriate for the audience? Why? Is eye contact effective in connecting the speaker to the whole audience? Is there audience interaction? Was it effective? Are pauses used appropriately? Are there hesitations? Did the speaker rely on visual aids? If so, which types and how effectively were they used? Did the speaker make appropriate use of the speaking area (stage area)? How is the speaker’s use of body language: gestures, posture, mannerisms? How is vocal variety used (loud or soft, easy to hear)?
Personal Impressions: How did the speech make you feel? Were you convinced? Would you want to listen to this speaker again? Were there any original ideas or techniques?

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