Baker Delight




The Center brand is “Baker Delight”, The competitor brand is “Bread Top” and “Michel’s Patisserie”! There totally have 5 parts, According to the question to make the corresponding answer Total must exceed 600 words! A, C and D questions average need about 100 words, The B questions and the analysis average need about 150 words
A: Identify who are the main suppliers in the industry. (100 words)
B: Degree of supplier concentration – how many suppliers are there? Are there few or many suppliers in the industry? Are the suppliers all in the same area/location in Australia? (150 words)
C: Are there firms in the industry who have a monopoly and will have strong bargaining power over the suppliers? (100 words)
D: Are there suppliers who have a monopoly in the industry? (100 words)
Analysis: The analysis section is where you will determine how much power suppliers have in the industry. What is the implication for your client? (150 words)


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