Autonomous Vehicles

Please, answer the questions in (less) than 1,000 words (per question).
1.According to the case, it seems like the companies such as Google, Mercedes-Benz are leading the

charge in the development of self-driving cars. However, according to Fortune Magazine, in their

October 14th edition, companies such as GM, Google, Ford, and Bosch, are leading the hiring of

people for their self-driving cars divisions. Assuming that you work for a company such as

Chrysler, could you please describe the new product development strategy for autonomous vehicles?

2.If you were responsible for the new product development process, could you please describe your

approach to a new self-driving car? Which features are more important? Why?

3.Could you please describe the target consumer for your new self-driving car? How will be your

primary competitors?

4.In regards to the product launch, how would you bring to the market your new self-driving car?

Would you have an ideal deadline? What marketing tactics will you use for reaching out to your

target consumer?

Please find attached the source which will you use, you can use outside source as a secondary

reference if needed, but please make sure it’s up-to-date information.

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