Attitudes to Key Social, Political and Economic Issues: being President in 2015

Attitudes to Key Social, Political and Economic Issues: being President in 2015

For your 2nd research project, you should imagine that you are currently President of the United States.  You need to say if you are a Democrat or a Republican. You must first pick three major issues that you want to address.  Then you must decide whether when taking a position on each of these issues:

A.)    You want your party to do well in the 2016 Presidential elections (a pragmatic candidate), or,
B.)    You have core principled beliefs that you want to argue for even if they are not popular (a principled candidate).
With those choices in mind, you will then pick three key policy items (variables) that you believe can form the core of a suitable program.  Produce, for each of these policy items, a chart (simple frequency or crass-tabulation) using the 2012 NES data.  You should run new frequencies, not just use those  that you used in Project 1.
Also, for two of these policy items, you should go online and search one or more of the LA Times, New York Times, Washington Post or Wall Street Journal or Rasmussen Polls or other suitable media, and look in them for recent (preferably last six weeks) survey data, that you can use to supplement/update your 2012 NES data.
Possible Policy Issues (you can these or others if you prefer): economic issues especially the state of the economy; financial reform in the light of the recent financial/economic crisis; health care/health care reform; foreign policy especially the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and upheavals in the Middle East, attitudes to Iran and China; terrorism; social issues (e.g. abortion, gay rights, women’s rights);  government (how corrupt, whom it serves etc);  religion; attitudes to minorities.
Project 2, Part 1. Memo (10 points). Construct a memo that sets out where public opinion stands (in 2012) on the three policy issues you have selected, and supplement two of these issues with newer data, as described above. In the memo:  Explain what stance you should take on these three issues in order to achieve your goals (re. A and B above). You must say what your goals/choices are there i.e. whether you are primarily a pragmatic or a principled candidate ). Base your views on the survey data you have researched.
Maximum length of text for memo should be 2 single spaced pages (plus charts).
Project 2, Part 2. Political Speech (5 points). Write a speech for public delivery  (one single spaced page, maximum) that draws on your memo above, presents your stance on the three issues,  and is addressed to a general or a specified particular audience of your choice (e.g. a tv address to the nation, e.g. the Republican or Democratic convention e.g. the Urban League e.g. Princeton University graduating class). The top of the speech should say to whom it is addressed.

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