Atlanta Park Bombing- Olympics 1996

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Take an event that happened 20-50 years ago, read the original accounts (primary
sources) in newspapers and magazines, or interview someone with accurate firsthand
knowledge of the incident (not just someone who read about it, but someone who was
involved in some capacity), and compare those accounts with what is written about it in
retrospect today. How has time affected our perceptions? Have interpretations changed
over the years? This type of paper would likely synthesize summaries of facts, analyses
of cause and effect, and critiques of the event’s value and impact from yourself and
people involved. An example of a few topics that would fit this assignment would be the
meltdown at Three Mile Island, the launching of Sputnik, the Cuban Missile Crisis, etc.
Do not attempt too broad a historical event (for example, an entire war) that cannot be
covered sufficiently in a short space. Instead, consider focusing on a particular event within that larger context.

Talk about Richard Jewell and how he was innocent but everyone believed that he was guilty. 1500-2000 words. Express the effects media has on people negativity such as Jewell.

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