Assignment 3

Assignment 3
Reviewing Mixed Methods Studies

Your paper will include 5 sections: Introduction, Sampling Strategy, Design, Procedures, and Findings. Your paper should include your name and course title and should adhere to APA style. It should also be written in 12-font and double-spaced (about 2 pages).

Include the full reference of the article as the title of your paper.

From a recent (past 5 years) peer-reviewed journal, find an article that utilized a mixed methods design. Read the article and be able to provide a short summary of the study. Use the following APA Level 2 headings:

•    Introduction – Tell the background/rationale (research problem) for the study. What were the research questions or hypotheses of the study?
•    Sampling Strategy – Discuss if the strategy was a probability or non-probability approach and the type of sampling strategy used (2-3 sentences).
•    Design – Briefly describe the mixed methods design that was utilized. Provide a definition of the design and a rationale as to why the design was the most appropriate (i.e., connect the design back to the research problem to be addressed).
•    Procedures – Briefly describe the data collection procedures and include a visual diagram (using the notation system; see the chapter titled Examples of Mixed Methods Designs) of the procedures which guided the data collection. (3-5 sentences).

•    Findings – Describe the findings of the study (3-5 sentences).

Your report will be graded using the following rating scale:

Characteristics Assessed
Good    Fair    Poor
1.    Introduction    2    1    0
2.    Sampling Strategies    2    1    0
3.    Design    2    1    0
4.    Procedures and Findings    2    1    0
5.    APA style and format    2    1    0

Total Points Earned: ____ / 10 Points Possible

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