Assignment 2: Organizational Change or Program Design Proposal;

Assignment 2: Organizational Change or Program Design Proposal;

Based on the results of Assignment 1, each team will work together to design the elements of a specific organizational change or program development plan. The elements of the plan should also be researched and supported by assigned class readings or scholarly literature, citing no less than eight (8) sources.

The written proposal should address the organization’s needs or concerns discussed in Assignment 1. Students will meet to assign portions of the proposal development for individual responsibilities. The proposal will be approximately 10–15 pages in length, APA format, double-spaced).

NOTE: The following information is required. You may adapt your format to include a proposal format that you prefer, and add any additional elements your team believes are helpful.

Assignment 2 Content: Organizational Change or Program Design Proposal
Include a description of each component below, including a rationale for the selection of each component (except for the organizational chart):
•    Introduction, including a brief program or change description that is the focus of this assignment
•    Purpose (mission and goals)
•    A logic model with program goals and outcomes
•    A hypothetical or actual organizational chart (no rationale needed), demonstrating where the change or program is targeted
•    Relevant stakeholders, intended participants, and identification of any unique needs, special populations or cultural concerns
•    Identified departments, roles and staffing required for implementation
•    Action steps, short and long-term (e.g., seminars, training) and/or services (e.g., conflict resolution program, EAP services)
•    A description of necessary coordination and integration needed for implementation
•    A description of potential internal or external (environmental) influences or barriers that may prevent or diminish full implementation
•    A funding plan with a basic hypothetical line item budget (see Kettner et al, p. 278 for a basic format to use)
•    Implementation setting (organizational context and physical facilities needed)
•    An implementation plan with a graphic timeline
•    A reference list for an sources cited

Due: Unit 10 (consult instructor for date and time)

Grading Guidelines: For team-based assignments, 80% of each student’s grade for the assignment will be the grade given by the instructor for the team’s response to the assignment. All students must participate in team-based assignments, and each team is provided consultative support and guidance by the instructor. Any student failing to contribute regularly may have to undertake the assignment individually, based on the instructor’s decision. 20% of the student’s grade on each assignment will be based on the group’s confidential evaluation of the individual student’s activities to support the group project, compiled through the use of a survey instrument provided by the instructor.

For each of the assignments below, Content (meeting all content requirements as outlined in the assignment handout and syllabus) will receive a total of 60 evaluation points, Critical Analysis (use of critical thinking, drawing upon literature and knowledge, as outlined in the assignment handout and syllabus) will receive a total of 35 evaluation points, and Quality (correct, and effective use of writing skills and format) will be receive a total of 5 evaluation points.

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