Assignment 1 Interview;;ENTR2255 Assignment 1

Assignment 1 Interview;;ENTR2255 Assignment 1

Small Business Owner Interview (10% of Course Grade)

In this assignment you will be asked to follow these steps:

1) Individually select, contact, and make an appointment to interview a business owner and founder.

This business can be any size of an independent business, i.e. not a franchise or a chain operation. The founder should still be active in the business. He/she can be a major partner but must have been present at the start of the business. The founder should not be a relative, or a current or former employer.

2) Interview the selected owner.

In the interview gather information using the following questions plus any additional ones that are appropriate:

How long ago did you start your business?
Where did you get the idea for starting this business?
What was your primary reason for starting the business?
How much time did it take from getting the idea to the first day of business? How many hours a day did you spend working on it?
Did you have any business role models before or during this starting process? If so, who were the role models?
Did you have work experience or educational training in the same industry as your business before you started?
Had you started any other businesses before starting this one? If so how many?
What was biggest challenge you faced in starting the business? How did you overcome this?
Did you create a business plan? Why or why not?
How did you finance the business start-up?
Do you spend more time, the same amount of time, or less time with your business now than when it started?
What has been the worst business mistake you have made in growing your business? How did you cope with it?
Where do you think you and your business will be in the next five years?
What advice would you give a young person thinking of someday starting a business?
If the interviewee answers one question as part of another, do not ask the interviewee the question a second time. Be alert to opportunities to probe for more information. Be on the lookout to grasp how the business owner “feels” about his/her business.

3) Report your interview information and analysis in a document of not more than 2000 words.

Your analysis should highlight what you found interesting about the business owner. The document should contain both the answers to the questions and your analysis. Your name, name of interviewee, name of business, time and date of interview, method of interview, and place of the interview, your analysis with a creative and appropriate title should be first followed by answers to the questions. This document should be in Word in a 12 point font.
4) Send a thank you note to the interviewee (attach copy of note to report).


Grading Rubric

Following directions 10%

Analysis content 30%

Writing clarity 10%

Creative and interesting presentation 10%

Lack of proofreading errors 20%

Overall evaluation 20%

Total 100%

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