Assignment 1

Assignment 1

Watch the and answer the question below
Is Edward Snowden an ethical individual? Why or why not? (Take only one position please and feel free to debate with your classmates.)

Assignment 2
Identify and describe one real or potential security breach/flaw in your environment (work or home) THAT YOU CAN SAFELY SHARE and address specific ways to address it.
Include or provide a link to an illustrative video (such as from YouTube) to receive full credit.  You don’t have to create a video (unless you really want to!).

Assignment 3
Review summaries from two different peers, attached is the original article that was summarized by these 2 students.
You are expected to provide feedback. For example, do you agree? Can you share additional resources to corroborate or dispute an argument? How were you enlightened by the argument?
The format of your feedback is at your discretion. You may opt for not less than 1/2  page summary, bullet points, etc.
You will be assessed on quality of your feedback; was it accurate? Was it meaningful? Did it enlighten your peer’s initial submission?)

Here are the original question for which the 2 summaries were drawn from (Anderson, 2014) articulates the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the healthcare workforce. What issues do you find most concerning? Which ones require immediate attention (from a national perspective)? Share your thoughts or immediate reactions in a 1/2-1 page summary. See attached.

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