Assessment Task 2

Assessment Title: Minor Project Output
Assessment Length: 4000 words or equivalent
Task Description
The Minor Project Output may be a written report alone or may be a written synopsis together with

an alternative mode of report such as digital media. The report may be written in a style for

journal publication. Please discuss your intended report mode of submission with your subject

coordinator. The minor project report will provide a description and analysis of the project that

you have undertaken with reference to the group project as a whole.
The report will provide a summary of the contents, an introduction and background, the methods or

strategies used, the results or outcomes, a discussion, conclusion and recommendations.
The following headings provide a guide to the structure of your project proposal;
Title Page
Executive Summary or Synopsis
Table of contents
aims, rationale and significance of project,
outline of the structure of the report,
context and setting
Project design/strategies including methods
Including limitations, barriers and challenges and opportunities, timeline
Appendix (if appropriate – any documents that were developed as a result of this process or

outcomes of this project)
Assessment Criteria|
This assessment will be marked with the assessment criteria on the following page:
Knowledge & understanding – 60%
Relevance to practice – 15%
Structure, organisation & presentation – 25%
Referencing Style
For written reports use Author – Date (Harvard)

Subject Learning Outcomes Assessed
1. contribute to the expansion of the nursing and other professional knowledge bases through

continuing research;
2. contribute to new forms of clinical practice through the ability to read, summarise and

critically analyse research;
3. apply concepts and theories from nursing and related disciplines to support clinical practice;
4. take a leading role in the development of research approaches which aim to resolve problems in

clinical situations;
5. understand the relationships between theory, practice and research; demonstrate skills in the

preparation of research proposals.

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