Assessment Description

This essay is the written version of your research topic, which you established in Week 8 with the

submission of your literature review. The essay will make the case for your topic.
The topics are listed above in assessment 2.Students will work on their research paper throughout

the semester with annotated bibliography (assignment 2) forming the first part of the roject.

Following the feedback from this, students will have a further 4 weeks to work on and complete

their essays.
Assessment Requirements
Write a 4000-word essay (35%), incorporating approximately 2000 words from the annotated

bibliography (assessment 2), which is to be rewritten as a literature review so that it makes sense

in the essay.
Select ONE topic listed in Assessment 2 above. Structure the essay into the following sections:

Introduction (this is what I will do), body (which includes a literature review to provide the

context),and conclusion (this is what I have done). Students are required to use 12-point font

size, double-space their essays and set them out with wide margins (2.54cm,left, right, top and

bottom). The Chicago Manual of Style should be adopted for this project.

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