: Assesment 1

Topic: Assesment 1

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ECG3145: Assessment Task 1 – Off Campus students (taking this course/unit as Monash DE and Federation University students enrolled at Mt Helen)
Details of task:
This is an individual assessment task. This assignment is designed to test your achievement of weekly learning objectives for weeks 1 – 5.
Word limit: There is a word limit of 2000 words.
China is aiming to be the leading economy in the world in next few decades. It has seen double-digit economic growth for almost a decade although it slowed down in recent years. The rapid expansion and development of the Chinese economy is fostered by its resource availability, huge population, heavy industrial development, advancement in technology and large market shares in international markets for goods and services. But unfortunately, there is a gloomy part related to this exciting development. This rapid growth has been achieved at the cost of severe degradation of the environment and rapid consumption of natural resources.
Read the following articles and answer the following questions based on your understanding of the course.
Article 1: The East is grey
Article 1: China’s Top 6 Environmental Concerns
Answer the following discussion questions. You can support your answer by using diagrams.
a) Identify the environmental problems China is currently facing and explain the causes and impacts of each of the problems from an ecological perspective. In particular, answer where can you fit these problems into the ecological flow model you study in Chapter 1? b) Suggest possible policy measures to minimize China’s environmental problems. In addition to suggesting possible policies, provide a critique (discussion) of your suggested policies and identify their potential positive and negative outcomes on the Chinese environment and economy. c) Identify the environmental and natural resources that are affected and at risk due to the ecological problems in China. For each of the identified risk, based on your understanding of the material covered in this course, suggest the accounting and valuation approaches that can be applied to quantify them.
Value: This assignment is worth 20% of the total marks for this unit.
Due Date: 11:59 pm on Sunday 10 April 2016
Submission details: Submit your assignment by email to [email protected]
Estimated return date: Assignments would be returned within 2 weeks of the due date.
Assignment: Scoring Rubric
Word Limit: 2000 words (a range of 1800 to 2200 is permitted).
This assignment needs to be answered in an Essay format (2000 words). The assignment needs to be submitted in a professional formatting and ideas presented with a clarity of exposition (Grammar, punctuation and spelling are matters which should not be neglected. Failure to take care in these matters causes confusion and ambiguity).
You need to support your answers by discussing them with respect to the textbook material and the readings related to this assignment. A good answer might be supported by a graphical analysis and the use of professional literature (e.g., book, journal articles, research reports).
Component Marks Part a. Identification of problems Causes and impacts Identification using the ecological flow model 30 Part b. Policy measures Discussion Identification of positive and negative outcomes 30 Part c. Identification of affected resources or at risk Accounting and valuation approaches 30 List of references (this should include a proper citation of data sources following the APA style)* 10 TOTAL 100 *The general rule for the use of a reference list is that all references used are cited in alphabetical order. Do not include material which is quoted in one of the references unless the quoted source was actually consulted by you.

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