aspect of education that you can compare (college or high school)


For this assignment, you will write a paper that is three to four or more pages since you have to compare two things regarding education. I know it is probable that

this assignment will not personally interest you, but that is ok. Much college writing is on topics that you might not have a deep attraction to you (and this will

sometimes be true of the writing you will have to do after college).

You will pick some aspect of education that you can compare (college or high school). This comparison could involve people–students, teachers, staff, and so on–or it

could involve processes–two education styles, to types of learning, and so on–or it could be something else. We will brainstorm this topic in class, so be sure to

take notes.

The readings assigned for this topic will help you see some ways you can use effective organization, word choice, examples, and other things, so be sure to study those

with me.

The point of the essay is to find genuine links between the two things you choose and write an organized essay that makes a point about the comparison. Picking two

totally unrelated things, describing them, and then saying, “See, they are nothing alike” is really a pointless effort. Study the directions in the textbook and pay

attention to the handouts for further examples and instructions on how to write a comparison.

The trick here will involve finding a thesis that controls your discussion of what is similar/dissimilar (you can compare, contrast, or compare and contrast; it is up

to you to find out what you need to do). Your introductory paragraph will clearly state your thesis, and the rest of the essay will unfold that thesis through clear

organization, concise descriptions, and helpful comments.

Do not simply list similarities and/or differences. You need to answer the “so what?” question as you proceed. For instance, if you compare the teaching style of two

instructors, what point do you want to make by comparing them? Will you compare two college students’ personal hygiene habits? Their study habits? Their ways of

putting off assignments? All three? Why would you lump those three different things together? Should you use more than three items to compare?

Be sure to write in the third person voice. Even if you are relying on personal experience, get in the habit of using the neutral, objective tone since so much real

world writing requires this voice.

I’m international student, don’t write it like America student.


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