As Far As I Know that you feel

Select 3-5 poems from As Far As I Know that you feel have a thematic similarity. Thematic similarity could be the expression of ideas or the subject the poet is contemplating. What is the poet trying to say? How forcefully does he or she say it and with what feeling? Are there contradictions between poems or do the poems as a whole offer added and additional meaning to the ideas that Somoza is trying to convey? You are making an argument for a set of interrelated themes or ideas or emotions conveyed through multiple poems within one collection. You might also consider how those 3-5 poems rest within the meaning of the collection as a whole (since you have read the whole book)—but if you do that, be sure to focus in on those 3-5 poems.Please note that summary of poems alone is an insufficient method of making your argument. Remember, like any essay, you need a strong thesis statement, strong topic sentences that support the thesis statement, and supporting details. You must analyze the entire poem or series of poems (not simply part of it) and include evidence from a variety of places. Analyze dialogue, poetic technique, metaphor, symbols as part of your evidence.

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