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International Security and Counter Terrorism

Fry-Pierce, C. C., & Lenze, Jr., P. E. (2011). Bioterrorism and U.S. domestic preparedness: Bureaucratic fragmentation and American vulnerability. Journal of Homeland
Security & Emergency Management, 8(1), 1-16. doi:10.2202/1547-7355.1887

Please outline your two-page paper using the following:

• an introduction to the author’s thesis and reason for the paper (This summary should highlight any relevance to legal issues in EM and importance of the work.),
• an analysis of the work that identifies the following, and
o Identify strengths and weaknesses of specific domestic preparedness proposals.
o Differentiate the powers of the sovereign governments in disaster preparedness.
• your reaction to the author’s work (What experiences or research influenced your reaction?).
o Consider discussing significant emergency events from the early 1990s to today, and their influence on domestic policy change which may have impacted your reaction.

Provide a conclusion for the paper that ties all of the information highlighted together.
Your paper should be in APA style with a minimum of two pages (not including the title and references pages). The paper should not include a table of contents or

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