Art history: Post-Impressionism

Option 1: Research Essay

Compose a 2-3 page, double-spaced essay in which you explore one of the artists we’ve covered in this section of the class in greater depth. Begin by choosing an artist from your week 5, 6, or 7 study guides who you’d like to learn more about. Your paper should focus on images from this artist that we did not study in class. Be sure to include a discussion of how the artist you picked fits into their larger art movement and historical context. You should also include your own opinions and interpretations of the artworks you discuss. Please include images of the works you discuss (or links to images). Use at least three reputable research sources (they can be online sources, as long as they are reputable, or articles and books from the school library). You should cite your sources in MLA form, both in-text as needed and also in a bibliography.

Grading Criteria for Option 1

The paper is 2-3 double-spaced pages and includes images of the artworks discussed: 10

The paper is clearly written and error-free: 10

The paper uses three reputable sources, cites them in-text when appropriate, and includes a bibliography: 15

The paper discusses examples that were not seen in class and includes accurate information about them: 10

The paper includes an in-depth and informed discussion of how the artist you picked fits into their larger art movement and historical context: 15

The student includes their own interpretations and opinions: 15

Total points: 75

-the artist I picked is : Paul Cézanne
his works of art we discussed in class were :

  • Paul Cezanne, Mont Saint- Victoire, 1902-6.
  • Paul Cezanne, The Large Bathers, 1906.
    include links to the images you discuss in the paper
    talk about how his influence in the post-impressionism art movement
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