Art Appreciation Gallery: Selecting a Theme and Gallery Pieces

Art Appreciation Gallery: Selecting a Theme and Gallery Pieces

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Throughout this course, you will be working towards completing your Course Project, which is an Art Appreciation Gallery. This project will be a PowerPoint Presentation that you will build upon with each unit. After each unit, you will review your instructor’s feedback and revise your presentation accordingly.
For your first assignment, you will select a theme and six works of art for the Course Project, Art Appreciation Gallery. You will carry this theme throughout the course and your additions for each unit will all relate back to this selected theme.
Be creative in your theme selection. You can select a historical period or a type of art. It can be modern or traditional. To select a theme, review the course content and the textbook, and do some research using the Internet. Select a theme that interests you, one that you would be interested in learning more about. Once you have a theme selected, select six works of art that fall under that theme. You can use multiple works of art created by the same artist.
Begin with the PowerPoint template provided under the Course Resources tab. Be sure to add your own creative elements, including the background and graphics. You may also add more slides.
For this portion of the presentation, you should complete the following:
? Title slide: Include the title of your presentation, your name, your instructor’s name, and the date.
? Introduction slide 1: Include the title of your theme and a brief overview.
? Introduction slide 2: Include why this theme interests you and what you hope to learn.
? Artwork slides: Complete the six artwork slides, including each work’s title, author, date, and characteristics. Use the basic tools of visual analysis when describing each work, and include a visual of the artwork if possible.

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