Art and paintings



For each of the seven paintings chosen, address the following areas in the alpha order listed:
a) Detailedly discuss these prominent art elements: use of lines, shapes (Which ones are noticeable?), and colors (Which ones are employed?). Describe lines seen. List all types of shapes and colors evidenced. Be explicit. Do not just state “cool colors,” “neutrals,’ primary hues,” etc.
b) How does the artist use space? How has the artist balanced the composition?
c) How does the artist use motion? Do you sense any particular kind of rhythm?
d)What do you see when looking at the text image of the work selected? Describe what the work looks like to you. Are there any recognizable objects or people? List them. Does the artwork title seem appropriate and why?
e)How do the above elements influence your reaction to the work? What feelings and/or associations does the work evoke in you? Why? (Does it make you feel happy, sad, indifferent, disgusted, uplifted, etc.?)
Final summary question:
f) How are Post-Impressionist works, Abstract Expressionist works, and the like able to sustain popularity amid the time proven works of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo?
The seven paintings that have been chosen are:
1) Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night (Fig. 31-40) 2) Edvard Munch, The Scream (Fig. 31-42) 3) Henri Matisse, The Woman with the Hat (Fig. 32-3) 4) Jackson Pollock, Autumn Rhythm (Number 30) (Fig. 32-81)

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