Write short essay answers for THREE of the following:
1.    Discuss how David’s , Oath of the Horatti reflects Neo-Classical style. Be specific.
2.    Disscuss how Renoir’s Le Moulin de la Galette reflects both major interests of the Impressionists-light and atmosphere and Parisian upper-middle class life of leisure entertainment. Discuss some of the elements of modernity that this painting presents.
3.    Explain how the Realist artists of the early nineteenth century reacted against the previous dominating art styles of Neo-Classicism and Romanticism.Select a Realist, Neo-Classical, and Romantic painting as samples to support your answer.
4.    Explain the innovative characteristics of Fauvism and tell why the Fauve artists were called “ Wild Beasts.” Use specific works of art to support your answer.

Your essays should be organized, thorough and specific, yet concise. You should include works of art as examples, appropriate terms, and other information that you feel is important for a clear, well-defined and precise answer.

You should use your textbook and lecture notes as your first resource. Any research from other sources must be accurately documented and cited-footnotes or endnotes. DO NOT PLAGARIZE!!!!

Frank , Patrick. Artforms,10th edition

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