Ariane Mnouchkine: Théâtre du Soleil


Talk about Mane Mnouchkine’s way of working and how they use improv, try and find quotes to present arguments with the way she works, (Pros and cons kinda thing) and refer to performances which use this style of improvisation (the performance of ‘1789’ by The*Ate du Soleil uses this. Please read the following information for the powerpoint:
Academic conventions for presentation of an academic argument (such as Harvard Referencing)
Discussion of methods for this type of improvisation (what are the methods?); in relation to the practitioner.
Critically evaluate this type of improvisation method
Argument- Each slide can be used as a point for or against a theory, which is then summarised in a conclusion (this is a very important aspect of the presentation!) Use questions as a means of providing us with an argument. (select questions that are relevant to your argument) Use evidence to back up your argument (you can critically consider some scholars if you provide evidence for your argument. Do not stray into offering your opinion without basing it on a critical framework or research though. Always acknowledge the quotations and reference writers using the harvard referencing system.
The frame of the presentation needs to be: introduction (context and aims) central part (theories, case studies, practical examples) and the end (a conclusion, to summarise your argument) Look at the powerpoint presentation for the guidelines of how to do this presentation which may make everything ive said clearer.

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