Argument of Policy

A debatable, revelatory claim of policy will look something like this: If the United States wants to prevent future recessions it should educate the public on fiscal responsibility, create laws that protect consumers, and penalize corporations and banks for distributing risky loans.
As you can see, the writer is attempting to show how future recessions can be prevented; therefore, this individual must draw effective conclusions using ample evidence to support his ideas.
The essay needs to be in proper MLA document format, 4-5 pages in length (the works cited page does not count toward the page length requirements), meet all of the requirements below, and include a works cited of 7-8 credible sources using proper MLA formatting (no Wikipedia, Ask, or references allowed). Remember: A source must be referenced at least once in the body of the paper in order to justify its entry on a works cited page. Here are the source requirements:
(1)Four of the sources used and referenced must be from articles published in scholarly journals
(2)Two sources must be published by government or educational institution
(3)One additional source that is credible, relevant, and current
The other sources are up to you as long as they are credible and relevant. In addition, all .coms, .nets, and .orgs must be cleared with me first. You can (and should) use the resources located for the prospectus assignment as long as they: (1) remain relevant to what you’re writing about, (2) meet the minimum requirements detailed above, and (3) are current, and published within the past five years.

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