Argument essay

Argument essay

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for this argument essay, you will focus on the content of one particular ted talk ( this is the link then based on your own experience and observation about the topic of the talk you will write an argument essay. this requires that you write your own thesis statement that is fully developed and that you ue the talk as the starting point of your essay. you should not write about technology in general but about the particular topic covered in the talk i have chosen,
the goal of this essay is to produce an argument essay. an argument paper contains the following components: a claim that is interesting and makes your reader want to find out more about what you have to say, one or more good reasons that make your claim worth taking seriously, some evidence that the good reasons are valid and not just your opinion, some acknoledgements of the opposing views and limitations of your claim.
in the first paragraph which is introduction, include the thesis clearly an define what texting really is and when it started,
in second paragraph, make sure you summarize the video.

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