Argument analysis

All three articles must be analyzed, but the analysis can be brief as long as it includes the criteria listed below. Avoid summarizing the article itself. Instead, focus on the make-up of the argument, the evidence the author uses, and the kinds of rhetoric employed to persuade readers. If you use quotes, paraphrases, or summaries (which you should), be sure to cite properly using whatever format you are comfortable with.
In your submission, be sure to include a header with your name, the assignment title, and the date posted on the first page only. Submissions should be 1-3 pages long, single or double-spaced, follow proper grammar and sentence structure, and be proofread for typos or errors.
Each submission must include the following:
 A header with the required information (see above paragraph)
 Page numbers
 The title and author of each article you have selected to read and analyze
 A brief summary, paraphrase, or quote of the thesis, with properly formatted citations.
 Answers to the following questions, in no particular order:
o What is the main argument of the article?
o What evidence (such data, statistics, anecdotes, expert interview or testimony) is used
to support that argument? [Include at least 3 kinds of evidence with references to the
o What rhetorical devices (such as logic, appeal to emotions, or tone) are used to help
persuade the readers?
 A clear structure to your analysis. In other words, think about how you want to organize your
materials before sitting down to write. There are several ways to structure an analysis, so you have some leeway in organizing your thoughts.

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