Arguing about a holiday

Consider the holidays that you know. Next, pick a holiday that you’d like to make an argument about. You

might consider a holiday that this culture celebrates wrongly or shouldn’t celebrate at all, or you might

think of a holiday that this culture doesn’t celebrate but should.
Write a body paragraph of no fewer than three hundred (300) but no more than four hundred (400) words

to establish your position about that holiday and convince me that you should develop your argument

further. In this proposal, you’re making a shorter version of the argument you’ll be developing over the

next few weeks; you’ll be explaining why this culture should or should not celebrate (or should celebrate

differently) the holiday you’ve chosen.
This proposal must include quotations from at least two (2) sources to support your position. Remember to

use the “quotation sandwich” to embed the quotes into your paragraph; further, please cite your sources

with in-text citations and Works Cited entries following the MLA conventions. Considering the time

constraints for this assignment, I’d suggest shorter sources, but keep in mind that you have a longer

project that you’ll be working on for the next few weeks; you might consider looking at one or two longer

sources with that in mind as we continue.

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