Architecture in Colombia

Architecture in Colombia

You will be asked to articulate and defend an opinion based on one
idea or “question”. The topic of your choice should be related to Latin
American architecture, landscape architecture, interiors, product or
graphic design, art and decorative arts, and should be discussed with
and approved by instructor.
The scheduled oral presentation would help you to begin to assemble
and organize all your thinking about your topic, that is to say, your
“idea” or “question”. The oral presentations will be scheduled in
Prepare a well-organized framework of
what the topic is (idea-question), how it is to be limited and structured
(outline), what the sources are that you will be using (evidencediscourse-
references) and how you are visualizing the
interrelationships among those at this point.
Most of the idea might involve concepts which are rooted in some of
the readings and lectures notes from class, or belong to a particular
moment of the past but which extend across time or disciplines and
might still influence either the understanding and the theory and
practice or of architecture and design or the practice of architecture
and design today.
In order to reach your goal, that is, to articulate and defend an
opinion, I invite you to consider the application in your paper of the
following points:
– Precise introduction which identify exactly what the paper is about
– Short clear development of why the issue, in your opinion, is relevant
or important today for the discipline and or the profession
– Awareness of the elements that are important for your argument and
that you take from our readings during the semester
– Use of specific examples- if needed in order to reinforce your
argument – An easily graspable structure or framework for discussing
the key idea
– A conclusion that carries the key idea into an understanding or an
opinion of Latin American of design and its implication in our society and
culture today


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