aramex company

aramex company

– Provide some information on the number of suppliers (Active suppliers”)
o task 1.2 give examples on other functions/departments and discuss their part in the supply chain (at least three)
o Task 1.3 Please refer to the key drivers in the class charts and discuss each in Aramex (as applicable) i.e facilities and transportation
o Task 2.2 Please pick up at least two IS tools and discuss how it is or could benefit Aramex relation with suppliers
o Same for 3.1
o For 3.3 please discuss the current tool that Aramex is using and discuss how it helped Aramex coming over certain problems and suggest solutions you might think of for any current problems in the system
o For logistics need to be revised. I need you to focus on transportation channels since Aramex is providing service rather than goods.
o In addition, appreciate if you give an estimated number of suppliers/service providers Aramex is dealing with and how many of those suppliers is part of the supplu chain

Assignment brief
Qualification      Unit 14: Strategic Supply Chain Management and Logistics
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Assignment title    The role of Supply Chain in the success of the organization Strategic Plan

The purpose of this assignment is provides the learner with the understanding and skills to manage supply chain and use it as a tool to drive the organization towards achieving its strategic objectives.

This assignment will enable the learner to:
–    Transform business from classic purchasing process to supply chain concept
–    Manage supply chain to enhance the organization processes.
–    Use the organization resources efficiently and effectively.
–    Face the global challenges and the aggressive completion in the marketplace today


You have been asked to submit a report to your organisation board of directors to get their approval on transforming from the current purchasing practices to full supply chain approach in order to improve the overall performance of the organization and support future growth, expansion, and cost minimization. In your report includes the following:

Minimum length required for each section is indicated

Task 1

•    Using examples, explain the importance/benefits of supply chain approach and how it will help in achieving your organisation’s strategic objectives. (200 words) AC 1.1.

•    Using examples, explain the link between supply chain and other business functions in your organisation (200 words) AC 1.2.

•    Using examples, discuss the key drivers for achieving an integrated supply chain strategy in your organisation (200 words) AC 1.3.

Task 2
•    Evaluate the effectiveness of current strategies used by your chosen organisation to maintain relationships with suppliers. (200 words) AC 2.1.

•    Use different information technologies to create strategies to develop your chosen organisation’s relationship with suppliers? (200 words) AC 2.2.

•    Choose one policy/system that you like to adopt in your organisation and explain how this policy will help enhancing suppliers’ relationship? (200 words) AC 2.3.

Task 3
•    Assess how various information technologies could be used to integrate different parts of the supply chain of your chosen organisation (200 words) AC 3.1.

•    Evaluate how information technology has contribute to the management of the supply chain of your chosen organisation (200 words) AC 3.2.

•    Assess the success of information technology in managing the supply chain of your chosen organisation (200 words) AC 3.3.

Task 4

•    Explain the role of logistics in supply chain management in your chosen organisation (200 words) AC 4.1.

•    Evaluate the current procurement practices in your chosen organisation (200 words) AC 4.2.

•    Discuss the key factors that must be considered when improving logistics and procurement practices in your chosen organisation? (200 words) AC 4.3.

Task 5

•    The board of directors have approved the transformation to Supply Chain approach. Plan an effective strategy to improve the supply chain of your chosen organisation (300 words) AC 5.1.

•    Assess how a supply chain improvement strategy will benefit overall business performance in your chosen organisation (200 words) AC 5.2.

•    Explain the barriers that you will face and your strategy to overcome those barriers during the supply chain implementation (200 words) AC 5.3


To gain a PASS grade student must satisfactorily cover the learning outcomes:

Learners need to research information and produce a review of the screen the current purchasing and logistics practices in their organization.

For AC1.1, learners need to explain the importance/benefits of effective supply chain management in achieving organizational objectives. To illustrate this, they could relate this explanation to the achievement of objectives in their own organization.

For AC1.2, learners need to explain the link between supply chain management and business functions in their own/chosen organization. To illustrate these links, the explanation needs to contain real examples from their chosen organization.

For AC1.3, learners need to discuss the key drivers that are moving their chosen organization towards implementing an integrated supply chain.

For AC2.1/2.2/2.3, Learners need to demonstrate their understanding of the role of IT in supply chain management for their chosen organization, they need to assess the effectiveness of IT in managing the supply chain, (AC2.1), assess how IT could assist in the integration of different parts of the supply chain (AC2.2). and evaluate how IT has contributed to the management of the supply chain (AC2.3)

For AC3.1/3.2, learners need to describe the strategies currently used in their chosen organization to maintain relationships with suppliers and evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies before choosing the best policy to adopt to enhance suppliers relationships.

For AC4.1, learners need to explain the role of logistics in the management of the supply chain in their chosen organization and then evaluate procurement practices (AC4.2). Having examined both procurement and logistics management, learners need to discuss the factors that must be considered when looking at making improvements to logistics practices in the organization

For AC5.1, having reviewed their chosen organizations’ supply chain and logistics activities, learners need to plan a strategy to implement the supply chain approach and set management rules for this approach.

For AC5.3, learners need to identify any current or potential barriers that could prevent or hinder the implementation strategy from being successful in their chosen organization. Learners need to explain clearly how these barriers will be overcomed.

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