Applied Summary Paper

Applied Summary Paper/Presentation Requirements:
Drawing on all readings, class work and your personal and professional experiences, respond to one (1) of the seven (7) following items. Demonstrate your ability to

apply the expert opinions you have studied to actual situations in the workplace. Be sure to include specific references to the readings and/or classroom experiences.

The length of the Applied Summary Paper should be seven to nine pages in length. Include a bibliography and cite sources within paper.

1. Describe the functions of an effective, modern-day Human Resource Department. Be sure to include an overview of the HR function, the changing environment of the HR

Department and give examples of HR Management?s role as a strategic partner in today?s workplace.

2. If you were hired to be the Human Resource Director in your own workplace, what would you change, why and how would you change it? Be sure to cite your expectations

(goals/objectives) regarding the value of this change and how you would monitor/evaluate the effects of the changes. Be specific and give details.

3. Choose any one of the HR topics reviewed during this module and research & discuss it in depth, utilizing your text, classroom materials, and at least five

other sources not utilized during this module.

4. Discuss how you would design an effective performance appraisal program for your workplace. Be sure to compare and contrast the different types of programs you

would consider and explain the value of the program you would choose over the others in terms of advantages and disadvantages. Include performance standards.

5. Evaluate the effectiveness of a training program in your workplace. If no formal training program exists, be sure to evaluate the effectiveness of informal training

procedures in place. Remember to evaluate in terms of the needs for training. Then, design a formal training program for some aspect of the operations in your

workplace. Be sure to identify the essential components of your program, to implement the program, and the means you would use to evaluate the results of your program.

6. Your employer has come to you and asked you to develop an incentive plan. Explain when and why you would implement an incentive plan. What specific considerations

would you use when developing the plan? Explain the details of the plan you would choose and contrast the plan you would choose with other plans. What proactive steps

would you follow in order to prevent the plan from failing?

7. The Vice President of Human Resources gives you the assignment of designing and implementing a flexible benefits program. Describe the program you would develop. Be

sure to include how you would evaluate employee preferences, how the program would be administered, and how you would inform the employees of the new flexible benefits



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