Application: Transformative Agents of Positive Change

Application: Transformative Agents of Positive Change

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Application: Transformative Agents of Positive Change
In the Discussion, you identified three topics in the field of education that ignite your passion and that may inform your end product in your program of study. In this Application Assignment, you will address, in more detail, the topics that fuel your passion, why you decided to pursue an advanced graduate degree, and what you hope to accomplish with your degree.
Ask yourself what impact you would like to make in the areas that excite you and what changes you would like to implement. Think about how advancing your education might contribute to your ability to make a difference in these areas.
Note: As you move through your courses and begin to investigate topics that call for educational change, it will be very important for you to narrow your focus. The purpose of completing an advanced course of study is not for you to tackle and change the entire world, but to begin your professional journey by focusing on a meaningful and targeted problem within the scope and the time frame available.
As you can see from the inverted triangle, topics are broad, issues are subcomponents of topics, and problems are specific, narrowly focused statements for investigation. As you collect more information and begin to critically analyze the topic and the issues, you must begin to synthesize information to refine your target issue to a manageable size—the problem statement. This will demand that you begin to work on the skills of synthesis and advanced academic writing.
Submit by Day 7 (of Module 1) a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following:
• A description of the experiences and motivations that have led you to pursue an advanced graduate degree.
• An explanation of how the three topics you addressed in the Discussion relate to issues in education.
• A description of a problem related to each issue—a problem you would want to help solve.
• At least two goals you hope to accomplish as a result of obtaining your degree.
An explanation of how your pursuit of the topics you identified can enable you to become an agent of positive change. Provide specific example

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