•Identify a client/case with whom you have had an ongoing case with Royal Care ( as the social worker. Keep in mind that a case can be an individual, a family, a couple, a group, or a community and need not be a client/case that you see weekly, but one with whom you have repeated contact. Apply a theory that has been discussed in this course that is most applicable to your current work with the client and to the fieldwork setting.
•Using the social work and other literature, describe the basic assumptions of this theory, interventions that apply to the theory, and the efficacy of this theory. What are the limitations of this theory? Discuss what makes this theory relevant to your fieldwork setting and your caseload.
•Describe how you currently apply this theory or could envision application to guide your practice with your client. How does this theory inform your assessment of your client? Discuss all aspects of intersectionality, ie. gender, ethnic/religious identity and socioeconomic class.
•Using a process recording or a piece of a process recording identify three clinical interventions you were attempting to use that relate to this theory. What was your intent? What was the real outcome? What would you do differently? Discuss the clinical interventions that you could envision initiating? What outcomes would you expect or hope to accomplish with their use? •Is this a theory that is sanctioned or suggested by the agency? If not, would utilizing this theory present conflict with the philosophy of your agency? How would you negotiate such a conflict? Would this be a value conflict between you and the agency and would it present an ethical dilemma for you? Is there another theory that might be useful in working with your client?

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