Application of borrowed theories to advanced nursing practice

1. Explicate a selected borrowed theory (Kolcaba’s comfort theory). Provide an example of how this theoretical perspective has been used to frame nursing knowledge, care or leadership in any health care setting (You may start by commenting how Kolcaba’s comfort theory has helped to practice nursing with compassion and care as a Nurse Practitioner for gynecological care).2.List the concepts that constitute the theory .
3.Describe the relevance of those concepts to your advancing nursing knowledge and practice. (You may say that the concepts are important for my gynecological practice as they promote the well being of female patients).
4.Briefly describe Maslow’s theory at a doctoral degree level to say how it relates to your patient outcomes or quality. (You may say that Maslow’s basic needs are met through promoting health. Prevention of breast cancer and cervical cancer is a way to apply someone’s basic needs to have health)

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