Application Brief (or what writer seems fit)

Application Brief (or what writer seems fit)

Project description
Please use at least 2 SCIENTIFIC/ACADEMIC articles related to students’ project (I’ll upload a copy of our research manuscript) and translate them for application in a real-world context using an appropriate medium, such as a blog post, newspaper editorial or office memo.
Also INCORPORATE the RESULTS of students’ project (as I mentioned before, will upload a manuscript), although these findings do not need to be the focus of your application brief. You may for example translate your scientific research in one of the following applied domains:
1. marketing/commercial (e.g an ad against bullying based on effective intervention social psychology literature on persuasion to increase sales)
2. public service announcement (e.g., an ad again bulling based on effective intervention studies, or a memo to a design team instructing them how to do so)
3. policy position (e.g., a newspaper editorial advocating for why you should vote to increase funding for community mental health resources based on relevant literature)
4. educational policy (e.g., a letter to the school board urging administrators to adopt the “jigsaw classroom”, supported by research that highlights its benefits)

1. at least 2 scientific articles besides students’ research manuscript
2. the topic should related to the student’s project (you can either related to IV which is color or DV which is people’s perception of a relationship quality)
3. please INCORPORATE the results from student’s project to this article.
4. please make sure you are writing to a SPECIFIC GROUP of AUDIENCE. It does not need to be written in the paper, but please make sure you have one.

The Effects of Color on People’s Perceptions of Relationship Satisfaction

Ryan Fuldauer, Mathilde Tripathy, Ann Yang, April Ma
Miami University

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