“Anti Poaching Dogs

Please read “Anti Poaching Dogs” then write a multi-paragraph, two-page minimum rhetorical precis (essay) answering the four precis questions in paragraph format like you did in the Budweiser Super Bowl commercial with the lost puppy. Cite the author at least once in the body paragraphs in MLA format. You do not need a work cited page. The essay must be in MLA format with a header and double-spaced.

Criteria for Success

Successful papers will:

introduce the author and text (answer to precis question 1)
include a thesis statement in the introduction with an opinion
support your rhetorical analysis clearly (answering questions 2, 3, and 4 in the body paragraphs), focusing on which of the rhetorical strategies from page two of the precis document were used;
conclude thoughtfully, do not repeat the thesis in the same words;
be cohesively structured with effective transitions so that your reader does not get lost while reading;
clearly communicate your ideas for an educated reader in the third person voice only and be mostly free of grammatical errors.
be two full pages with a one-inch margin at the bottom of the second page

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