anthropology research

anthropology research

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answer the following questions in 2 double-spaced pages with a one-inch margin and Times New Roman font. Read the question carefully as there are many different parts to the questions that will require answers.

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You are an anthropologist who has arrived at a new, previously undiscovered area of the world. The environment is very cold, at a high altitude, low oxygen or hypoxic environment, and has exposure to radiation. You can tell that there have been people living here for many generations but have not encountered them yet. Using what you have learned from class lecture and our book, describe at least two traits that they would likely make/have to this environmental setting for each of the four types of human adaptations (cultural, physiological, genetic, and developmental). Additionally, briefly explain why this example of human trait does not support the concept of race (classifying people into several sharply divided groups base on physical traits like skin color or facial features) and why clines are a better tool for understanding human variation.

Service Fee: $ 1,200
The parties have agreed on the following arrangements:
?    The Provider shall, on the agreed pickup date, pick up the agreed items from the Pickup address, and deliver the agreed items to the Delivery Address.
?    The Provider is not liable for any damage caused to the agreed items due to poor packaging.
?    A deposit of $120 should be payable within seven (7) days of the date of this Agreement, such deposit to be accompanied by a copy of the Agreement signed by the Clients.
?    The balance of the service fee should be payable within seven (7) days after the delivery date.
Things start to go wrong from the very beginning, on 10 April. First, there is a thunderstorm in the afternoon and the RedCube truck arrived 20 minutes late. All the furniture had been moved outside the unit when the truck arrived. Although the furniture was wrapped in plastic, the fabric sofa bed was damp.
Secondly, RedCube refuses to collect one of the six cartons because it weighs 36 kg. When Angie and Jack lift that carton into Jack’s car, Angie hurts her back.
Thirdly, when all the furniture is delivered to the new apartment on the 15 April, the couple finds out that there is a scratch on the top of the hardwood bedside table. In addition, when the couple open the cartons, they find out that one of Angie’s wooden sculptures inside the carton is broken.
Angie and Jack are so upset that they call Vince and complain about the move. Vince explains that RedCude ran late because of the thunderstorm and RedCube’s workers are not allowed to lift any items which weigh more than 32 kg without extra equipment for the workers’ safety. Vince demands the payment of the balance due. Angie and Jack tell him that they do not intend to pay. Vince has threatened to commence legal proceedings to recover the outstanding amount of $1,080 if they do not pay.

a)    Has RedCube breached the contract by failing to arrive at the pickup address before 2:00 pm? (2 marks)
b)    The hardwood bedside table (6 marks)
i.    Assume RedCube’s failed to deliver the hardwood bedside table in the original condition – would this constitute a breach of a condition or a breach of a warranty? Explain your answers.
ii.    Would Angie and Jack have been entitled to terminate the contract because of RedCube’s breach? Explain your answers.
iii.    What could Angie have included in the contract to cover this situation? Explain your answers.
c)    The 36 kg carton (4 marks)
i.    Has RedCube breached the contract by refusing to pick up the carton? Explain your answers.
ii.    What could RedCube have included in the contract to cover this situation? Explain your answers.
d)    The broken wooden sculpture (4 marks)
If RedCube wants to protect itself against liability, what should it do? Explain your answers.

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