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Read this book called Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and answer the questions below

1. Above all, what did the narrator want to put in the furnace?

2. What is the name of the narrator?

3. What two symbols on the narrator help the young woman identify his profession?

4 . What does Clarisse tell Montag he smells of?

5. What smell in the air takes Montag by surprise while walking with Clarisse? Why is the scent a surprise?

6 . How does Clarisse respond when Montag asks her age?

7. What does Montag burn? What does he say is their official slogan?

8. What happened to Mildred when Montag first returned home?

9. What does Mildred think happened the night before to make her feel so ill?

10. What is Mildred’s response when Montag tells her about the pills?

11. What happens with the dandelion that upsets Montag?

12. What game did the firemen play with The Hound? What did it look like?

13. Why is Clarisse afraid of other children?

14. What happened to the woman with the books in her attic? What did Montag leave with?

15. What interesting fact did the Captain tell Montag in reference to “Mr. Ridley”?

16. What does Montag remember about meeting his wife? What does she remember?

17. What does Mildred tell Montag she remembered about the McClellans?

18. How does Mildred treat Montag when he is sick?

19. Who comes to visit Montag when he is sick?

20. Why does Montag yell at Mildred to leave the room while speaking to the Captain?

21. Explaining that “a book is like a loaded gun,” how does the Captain define the “new job” of a fireman? (They are custodians…)

22. What did the Captain tell Montag they do with Firemen that take home a book?

23. What secret does Montag show Millie? What is her initial reaction?

24. What does Montag ask Millie to do? What is his explanation/reasoning?

25. How does Part I end?


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