Answer questions.

Answer questions.
Your initial response to the discussion questions should be concise (350-500 words), be written with accepted conventions of standard American English, and use a minimum of 2 in-text citations and references in APA 6th edition format.

Discussion is below:

Despite the many benefits associated with use of the EHR/EMR systems, challenges related to widespread implementation continue to permeate health care. The lack of interoperability, the economic aspects of system adoption and maintenance, and threats to performance security may prevent installation or full utilization of an EHR/EMR and its features in many delivery settings.

1. Tell us some of the challenges you have seen or anticipate seeing associated with the implementation of an EHR/EMR systems in your area of practice.

Virtual hospital rounding and health visits using telehealth will soon become mainstream in US healthcare.

2. Describe in which capacity you see telehealth and or telemonitoring used in your area of practice. Use evidence in the literature to support your actual choice ( related to telehealth being used today in healthcare areas such as yours). What have been the results of the use of this technology?

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