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answer questions

1- Answer the following question and related to LinkedIn if possible?
I want the answer to be clear and in point not too much details half page or max page is enough.

The Question:
1. Suggest how developments in process technology have changed and are likely to change operations in LinkedIn?
2. Can you explain the potential challenges that might arise in a trade-off between organisations trying to balance the demands of fostering innovation with operational efficiency?
3. What strategic decisions can be made within organisations to augment the likelihood of innovation?
4. Use the augmented product model and to evaluate how a brand of your choice has been able to develop substantial customer equity. Explain the importance of intangibles in this application.
5. Explain the importance of price within the marketing mix and include a full evaluation of the importance of ‘elasticity’ in your explanation. (Related to LinkedIn)
6. Explain the likely impact of the organisation’s CSR policies on the management of its supply chains?
7. How would you define what management is? How do you make sense of the different perspectives that exist about what management is?

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