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Topic: Animal rights
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Essay Writing II: Argumentative Essay

Arguments are made in every piece of writing, from arguing about why a new business practice should be adopted to arguing about the main theme of a literary text. This assignment asks you to examine a topic in detail and pick one side to argue. As well as using different styles of rhetoric, you should employ counter-arguments and rebuttals to strengthen your claim.

• Write a 1,000-1,200 word essay on an issue connected to ANIMAL RIGHTS.
• Remember that you need an argument and a thesis statement that includes specific context information. You must have one main topic and at least three subtopics. These should prove why your argument is correct.
• Use at least two of the sources from the list below.
• Order your work according to the outline created in class and make sure your paragraphs are linked together with transitions.
• Include a counter-argument that you can then argue against.
• Be sure to construct a logical argument (following a logical pattern and using at least two of the persuasive strategies covered in class) and avoid common fallacies (as covered in class).
• Remember that each body paragraph must include a relevant topic sentence (containing key words), your evidence, a citation, an explanation of your evidence and a link to your thesis statement.
• Marks will be taken away for common spelling and grammar mistakes, so use the editing skills learned in class to correct all fragments and run-ons.
• Include an introduction and conclusion that fit with your topic.
• Follow APA style and check you have a cover page, a header on each page, correct formatting and accurate in-text citation.
• Include a References page.

• At least two print sources.
• At least two sources from the list. You may also use any other sources that fit with your topic. However, you must remember that your evidence should be accurate, reliable and clearly-explained.
• BBC:
• New York Times:
• David Foster Wallace:
• Peter Singer: Do Animals Feel Pain?
• APA style, with headers, correct information on the cover page, double spacing, in-text citation and a References page.
• Submit on SafeAssign and hand your teacher a hard copy of your paper on the due date.

Due dates: Outline: 2nd March (MW) / 3rd March (UTR)
1st draft: 16th March (MW)/17th (UTR)
2nd draft: 23rd March (MW) / 24th March (UTR)
Final draft: 28th March (MW) /29th March (UTR)

Argumentative Essay Rubric

Needs Improvement

There is a logical sequence of information.
Introduction, thesis statement, topic sentences, paragraph support, and conclusion are effective.
There is some logical sequence of information.
Organizational elements are present though not entirely effective.
There is little or no logical sequence of information.
Organizational elements are missing or weak.

Paper demonstrates correct APA format and documentation, including heading, paper format, in-text parenthetical citations, and References page
Most elements of APA format and documentation are in place, but may be missing some elements
Little to no attempt has been made to construct paper using APA standards of formatting and documentation.


Document covers topic completely and in depth.
Information is clear, appropriate, and accurate. Evidence is strong and well documented.
Document includes some essential information.
Some information is somewhat confusing, incorrect, or flawed. Support is general or poorly documented.
Document includes little essential information.
Information is confusing, inaccurate, or flawed. Evidence is missing or very weak.


Spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation are accurate.
Fluent and effective writing style. Use of academic (but not unnecessarily wordy) language.
There are minor problems in spelling, grammar and punctuation. There may be one or two fragments, run-ons or contractions. Style may be somewhat conversational or informal.
There are persistent errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation.
There may be many fragments, run-ons or contractions. Style may be very conversational or informal.


Ideas were communicated clearly and appropriately for the audience. Document meets all requirements of an effective essay.
There was some difficulty communicating ideas to the intended audience. Document meets requirements of essays, but there are deviations from standards.
There was great difficulty communicating ideas to the intended audience. Document does not meet requirements for essays.

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