And The Band Played On. By Randy Shilts

Bill Kraus and the San Francisco gay community
You can use the index of the book to find the sections where your group/individual is mentioned. I hope you will
read more than just those limited parts so that you can get a more complete idea of how the HIV/AIDS
pandemic happened, and how public health officials, lawmakers, and activists responded.
For the class, meeting writes a summary (at least one page) of what you learned about the group/individual we
have assigned to you.
Specifically, your brief summary should include:
a) The role that this person or group played in the early history of HIV in the USA
b) How this person or group interacted with other groups, in terms of their influence and ability to
c) What was the impact of this person/group on the developing epidemic and what do we know about this
person/group’s activities today with respect to HIV/AIDS?

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