Anarchy: Lord of the Flies

Anarchy: Lord of the Flies
Write a minimum of 3 pages (double-spaced) that answers the following questions about the 1963 movie, “Lord of the Flies.” Please use some CRITICAL THINKING.
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– What is the power dynamic amongst the boys?
– How would you characterize anarchy and governance in the film?
– What elements of liberalism do you see in the film? Realism?
– From the attached articles, answer these questions….
– In the article by Axelrod and Keohane, discuss how cooperation can be achieved under anarchy. They
specifically discuss defection and how to prevent it (pg 234-238) and the usefulness of reciprocity
(pg 244-247). Use these sections to discuss how cooperation broke down amongst the boys and what might have been done to achieve cooperation.
– In the article by Grieco, he outlines five core principles of realist theory (pg 488). In what ways do you think these principles apply to the boys’ situation? Grieco also discusses the core realist goal of survival
(pg 498). How do Jack, Ralph, Piggy, and the rest of the boys aim to survive?

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