Analyzing the use and effectiveness of ADR in Nuclear Disputes

Analyzing the use and effectiveness of ADR in Nuclear Disputes
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Case: Iran’s Nuclear Enrichment Program And P5+1

• Decade Long Dispute
• First Resolution on Iran’s Nuclear Program in 2003
• Failure to Resolve the matter on time
• Different rounds of talks and proposal such as the Russian step-by-step proposal in the summer of 2011
• Results in Sanctions
• Talks Re-Open: Negotiation/Mediation
• Presence of parties
• Willingness of parties to act in good faith
• Impartial Third Party Facilitator
• Geneva Interim Agreement in 2013
• Parties, Individuals and countries that served as Negotiators throughout these years and the degree to their effectiveness.
• Nuclear Diplomacy: Negotiations to prevent escalating to Conflict
You need to make sure that you do not just describe the diplomatic/political history of the dispute but engage in an analysis of the role and adequacy of diplomatic means of dispute resolution.

. Your discussion should be grounded in a general analysis of the features, limits and benefits of the relevant means. So the essay should be about the effectiveness of ADR/diplomatic means of dispute settlement in the contetxt of this dispute, rather than a political history/analysis of the dispute.

2. You will need to consider the broader context in which ‘ADR’ is taking place here – namely against the backdrop of UN Security Council role and IAEA.

Students should demonstrate the ability to:

• Identify relevant facts
• Identify all relevant essential, and any novel, legal and non-legal issues
• Identify all relevant treaties, customary law, general principles of law, and international decisions
• Record relevant opinions of writers with appropriate citations
• Locate relevant legal and non-legal sources
• Research and record critical analysis and solutions
• Propose an appropriate synthesis and conclusion with respect to facts, issues, law and solutions
• Reflect critically on the analyses, solutions, synthesis, and conclusions
• Structure the work so that statements, arguments and conclusions flow coherently and logically
• Conduct thorough and planned library research
• Communicate in good English and use correct terminology

In grading assessments, the quality of work will be determined by reference to the following:

• Extent to which facts have been assimilated
• Breadth of knowledge of the relevant law
• Degree of insight into the issues
• Level of application of the law to the issues
• Depth of analysis, description and discussion in promoting the arguments
• Extent to which viable innovative solutions are proposed
• Degree to which planning and coherence is evident in the structure of the response
• Level to which complex solutions are offered and evaluated
• Extent to which command of English is demonstrated in a legal context


i have requested that you use atleast 35 references since it is an extremely lond paper.

i have attached a document “please use this list for sources and referencing”. these are the sources we discussed in class.

please use the sources outlined in that when you are writing about the broader terms such as negotiation,mediation etc.

you will need to research other articles as well since the paper is focused on iran and the list does not have any articles focused on iran.

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