Analyze Organization Climate and Culture

Analyze Organization Climate and Culture

Write an introduction

3. Analyze Organizational Culture AND Climate

Cite at least 3 times from your textbook (Citing any of the following chapters: 6-7-8)
Cite at least once from (1) additional source ( and Wikipedia do not count)
Minimum of 4 sources in this section
4. Conduct (2) interviews of two persons in an organization of your choice. You may use your own workplace or one you know.

Offer a brief description of the organization
Provide reasons for choosing this organization for study
5. Interviews of two persons in the organization

Use the following open ended statements

Communication from leaders to employees can be described as
Employees are expected to give first priority to
Employees who are favored in the organization are those who
The organization treats employees as
The process of decision-making in the organization can be described as
Employees are assigned to tasks or projects based on
New employees are expected to learn
The mottos, values, heroes, and rituals of the organization include
6. Critical analysis of the culture

Using your gathered information, compile a critical analysis of the existing culture: identify the communication approaches, the mood and tone of the environment, attitudes and perceptions, issues of control and diversity, technological influences, heroes – rites – rituals etc…
7. Recommendations

You must make 2-3 recommendations to either change, improve or reinforce culture.
8. Concluding paragraph

Write summary/concluding remarks
9. References

Follow APA format and include:
Class Text
One Additional Source
(2) Interviewees
Any additional sources you use

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