Analytical paper

Write an Analytical paper that explores an area of deviance or crime. ?Deviant? Ie: subcultural behavior, property crime, sex crimes, violent crime, white collar crime, hate crimes you pick the topic, paper must be divided into three sections.
The first section of your paper should consist of description and sociological analysis of your topic. You should present and explain your topic using sociological terms and concepts in other worse describe your chosen type of deviance/crime in terms of its connection to social structure (groups, institutions, statuses and roles), culture and subcultures, norms and values, and inequality and power, as is applicable.

The second section of your paper will consist of ?content analysis? of your topic as it is found in the media and mainstream culture. You may examine your topics frequency and presentation in news, books, magazines, films, social media, and your own social interaction. You will have a fairly high degree of creative leeway in this section but you should address issues such as following: How frequently does this topic appear in the media? What forms of media carry reports of the issue? How is it presented or framed? What is public reaction to accounts of this issue? Does coverage of this topic seem to come in waves? Does its media frequency make sense when crime data is examined (if applicable)?

The final section of your paper will be a brief literature review of your topic. You will create an annotated bibliography with summary information on at least 4 major scholarly works (books, journal articles, documentary films, and lectures/podcast) from your subject area. This section should also contain summary analysis that links the content of your first two sections with the ?expert? views and theories from your third section.

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