Analysis of Guest satisfaction with the hotel

Analysis of Guest satisfaction with the hotel

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this is an internship report. I am working in Marriott hotel&conference center Coralville,Iowa right now. I am working in food and beverage department and we are also taking care of event service. My report topic is Analysis of Guest satisfaction with the hotel . I collected the data from my manager and I will upload to you. you need to analysis the data and give the solutions. This report has a specific format you need to follow: b. Format –
i. Title and include running titles
ii. Executive Summary – The executive summary should be a summary of the report in 1-2 pages with the following captions:
1. Parameters of the report – purpose/objective of the study, type of company, etc.
2. Description of the problem – describe the problem and how your project will be beneficial to the company.
3. Methodology – describe how you went about solving the problem. What type of survey did you do? How did you collect data?, etc.
4. Summary of findings and conclusions – summary of the facts you found surrounding the problem or situation being researched and your conclusions based upon those facts.
5. Recommendations – summarize the specific recommendations you are making to the company to solve the problem or respond to the research project.
iii. Section I – Introduction/Background – Provide the reader with a description/ background of the topic that is being researched. Give a contextual backdrop to why this is an important issue to be addressed (e.g., What are competitors doing? What is the marketplace currently doing or headed? What happens if this isn’t addressed?).
iv. Section II – Statement of the Problem/Research Project – A brief discussion of the specific topic that will be investigated and addressed and why it is important. (e.g., What is the problem? Why is this problem worth my attention? How important, influential, or popular is this problem? Would research findings lead to some useful change in best practice?)
v. Section III – Methodology – A discussion of how you went about approaching and solving the problem or research project. In other words, how did you collect the data you needed to analyze for the project? This section, for example, should included details on what type of survey you did including where you found the survey and/or how you collected data, etc.
vi. Section IV – Findings – A presentation of the factual (truth and facts – not opinion) information you found regarding the problem to be solved or the research project. What were the strategic alternatives that might have been used to solve the problem or research project? What alternative(s) did you decide to use and why?
vii. Section V– Conclusions – Given your findings of fact, what are your conclusions as to what the underlying problems are, or conclusions as to the research project?
viii. Section VI – Recommendations – Given your findings and conclusions, what are your specific recommendations to solve the problems or achieve the objective of the research study?
ix. References – 2-3 references minimum are expected. Please provide a reference section when you cite any source in your paper. Remember plagiarism is not acceptable and is grounds for failure. All citation and references should follow the APA format. Please see ( or ( for exact specifications.
x. Grading Criteria – The final paper will be graded subjectively with the following items of critical importance:
1. Quality and depth of analysis of the problem or subject of the research.
2. Quality and depth of the findings and conclusions.
3. Quality and depth of recommendations.
4. Organization and presentation of the report, including grammar, spelling, content, use of sub-captions, exhibits, numbering systems, and graphics.
5. Feedback (comments and grade A, B, etc.) by your supervisor will also be used to determine your grade. Students are required to present their findings to their supervisor during the semester.
PS: my internship company is Marriott hotel and conference center Coralville, Iowa. you need to do some research to introduce this hotel in paper. This paper can not copy the sentence from the web, every sentence should be your own words.

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